A new look for V-Hunter! v0.3.2

Snazzy New Look

V-Hunter has a new look, inspired by Van Helsing and drafted by Dylan Wilde.

I’m really happy with Dylan’s work as this was the kind of character I was originally going for. The purple really pops and he got the vibe of Hugh Jackman Van Helsing, which is awesome.

For those who loved the original knight character, fear not. The original knight art will be unlockable, along with many others! I’m trying to add as much replayability as possible, and I always found unlockable outfits in games to be really fulfilling. I hope others find that fun as well.

Under The Hood Game Data

Since I want to add unlockables and achievements, I had to keep track of as many metrics as possible. Originally I was only tracking:

  • Sagas Completed
  • Overall total turns
  • Overall total deaths

That was a decent start but it left me very limited in what I could track for achievements. I’ve since added:

  • Run time recorded
  • Overall total moves
  • Overall total attacks
  • Overall total rests
  • Overall total enemies destroyed

I’m sure I’ll discover others to add, but this adds some variety for unlockables.

Progress on Saga 2

I won’t dive too much into Saga 2 here but you can see that it’s a desert environment with a new enemy type, mummies!

The challenge kicks up a notch as mummies check all 8 surrounding squares to attack and elite mummies even have two health!

I’ll save most of the details for a later dev log when the saga is complete. I’m making progress on the Sagas, but I’m primarily focusing on finishing all the baseline systems first.

Bug Fixes

  • Pause menu no longer loses focus to level end/restart pop ups
  • Exit will detect player if player is on the exit when the exit appears
  • Enemy tick label (easy mode) won’t appear over level end/restart pop ups
  • Difficulty selection escape back to Saga Selection no longer loses focus

In Closing

The new character art for V-Hunter is a nice addition to the game. Plus it opens up the concept of alt outfits for the player (as of now there are at least 3 alt outfits, hoping to have a decent chunk more!).

The new game data being recorded will be useful for achievements in addition to the leaderboard system that will be implemented.

I’m happy to keep progress moving along as I march towards a release!

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