Demo release for v0.3.0! (Godot feature tags made it easy!)

Is it obvious it’s a demo?

I finally made a separate export for a demo, which was surprisingly easy in Godot. You can utilize Feature Tags to flag certain features in your exports.

All you need to do is add a list of comma-separated values to the features tab for your export.

Now that your feature tag is in the export, all we have to do is check for the tag in our code!

if OS.has_feature("Demo"):
    next_level_btn.disabled = true

I threw some filler code in above, but you can see how you can disable buttons from going to the next level, or have special messages pop up for the demo. Essentially, you can craft a custom experience for the demo without the need to have different branches for each of your releases.

However, it can be a pain to test the different exports, so you can work around it by having a global variable that will emulate the feature tag. Not mandatory, just a suggestion.

if OS.has_feature("Demo") or Globals.demo_tag:
    # Do demo stuff

I also implemented the Saga Selection screen. A lot is grayed out for now, but more will be coming in the future (The demo will likely just be the first saga, at least for now).

I did also start on the second saga, but that will be for the next update!

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