Post Mini-Jam 118 fixes, Version 0.1.0 released!

Hey all!

New update release for V-Hunter. In it, I fixed some of the common requests I received from the game jam, in addition to some I wanted to implement. They were:

  • Buttons able to be controlled via keyboard
  • WASD able to control the player
  • Visual indicator for enemy turns
  • Able to restart the level on button press
  • Tightened up my Turn manager (this wasn’t a request from the game jam, but from my friend testing and finding an exploit to be on the same square as a skeleton, not a position V-Hunter wants to be in!)

For the visual indicator, I currently have the enemies do a quick wobble in place if they aren’t attacking/patrolling. I’ve also implemented an actual numerical counter over the enemies, but that’s not enabled in this version. I plan to add that as an easy mode for the game, as I think part of the challenge of the game is memorizing patterns of when each enemy will execute the action.

As for next steps, I have some plans for a commercial release for the game. More monsters, more levels, more obstacles, more items, more music, more V-Hunter! If you are interested in the V-Hunter’s journey, please follow me on Twitter @YatchStudios and/or here on I want to release text dev logs here in addition to video dev logs on YouTube (to come at a later date). Thank you!

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